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Fresh Poultry Products

Fresh Chicken Fillets

130-150gm (x60)

180-200gm (x50)

200-220gm (x40)

100-120gm (4x10) Retail


Fresh Double Breasts

1300gm (x15)

1400gm (x15)

1500gm (x15)

1600gm (x15)

1700gm (x15)

1800gm (x15)


Fresh Tray Pack Whole Chickens

1200gm (x6)

1400gm (x6)

1600gm (x6)

1700gm (x6)

1800gm (x6)


Fresh Chicken Supremes (260-280gm x 20)

Fresh Prime Chicken Wings (x10kg)

Fresh Chicken Leg Meat (x10kg)

Fresh Chicken Drumsticks (x10kg)

Fresh Turkey Butterflies (4-6kg)


Frozen Poultry Products

Global Chicken Goujons Plain Battered (3kg)

Delta Chicken Goujons Plain Battered (10kg)

Sky Foods Chicken Goujons Southern Fried Battered (10kg)

Kerry Chicken Goujons Plain Breaded (5kg)

Kerry Chicken Goulons Southern Fried Breaded (5kg)

Q.F.G Chicken Goujons Plain Battered (5kg)

Q.F.G Chicken Goujons Plain& Southern Fried Breaded (10kg)

Diggers Chicken Goujons Plain & Southern Fried Battered (10kg)

Diggers Chicken Goujons Plain & Southern Fried Breaded (5kg)

Glenhaven Chicken Nuggets Battered (6x1kg)

Kerry Chicken Nuggets Breaded (5x1kg)

Chicken Drumsticks Breaded (5x1kg)

Diggers Shredded Crispy Chicken Strips (12x380gm)

Gluten Free Fresh Chicken Goujons Plain & Southern Fried (4x1kg)

Gluten Free Chicken Maryland Plain & Southern Fried (x20)

Gluten Free Chicken Kiev (x20)

Gluten Free Traditional Chicken Kiev On The Bone (x20)

Gluten Free Traditional Chicken Maryland On The Bone Plain & Southern Fried (x20)

Chicken Breast Chunks (10x1kg)

Chicken Burgers (x60)

Hot & Spicy Chicken Wings (x5kg)

A.I.A Hot & Spicy Chicken Wings (5x1kg)

Chicken Skewers Large (x100) (10kg)

Mini Chicken Skewers ( Plain/Hawaian/Onion/Pepper) (3x12)

Breaded Chicken Fillets

Plain& Southern Fried (150gm x35)

Plain & Southern Fried (125gm x40)

Kerry Plain & Southern Fried (160gm x20)