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Meat Products


Aberdeen Angus Striploin (5-7kg)

Roasting Striploin (7-9kg)

Fillets Of Beef (2.7-3.2kg)

Tied Top Ribs (4-5.5kg)

Rib Eye (Cube Rolls) (3-4.5kg)

Diced Beef

Mince Beef (95V.L)

Fresh Butcher Style Burgers (4oz,5oz,6oz,8oz,10oz)

Pre Cut Striploin Steaks (4oz,5oz,6oz,7oz,8oz,9oz,10oz)

Rangeland Burgers

4oz Steak Burger (x40)

4oz Steak Burger (x108)

2oz Steak Burger (x84)

2oz Steak Burger (x196)



Boned & Rolled Leg Of Lamb (2.5-3kg)

Leg Of Lamb On The Bone (2.5-3kg)

Diced Lamb

Mince Lamb


Bacon & Pork

Bacon Loins (5-7kg)

Smoked Bacon Loins (5-7kg)

Horse shoe Gammon

Whole Boned & Rolled Gammon

Whole Ham On The Bone

Becketts Premium Rashers (4x2.25kg)

Premium Food Service Rashers (4x2.25kg)

Pork Loins (4-5kg)

Pork Steaks (500gm)

B.B.Q Pork Ribs (500gm x 10)

B.B.Q. Cooked Rib Steaks (x60)

Pulled Pork (5x1kg)

Loughnanes Jumbo 4’s Sausages (2x5lbs)

“          Jumbo 8’s Sausages (2x5lbs)

Loughnanes  Regular 16’s Sausages (2x5lbs)

“          Cocktail 32’s Sausages (2x5lbs)

“          Sliced Black Pudding (2x5lbs)

“          Sliced White Pudding (2x5lbs)