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Friba 11mm Chips (4x2.5kg)

Friba 13mm Chips (4x2.5kg)

Aviko 11mm Chips (4x2.5kg)

Aviko 9mm Chips (4x2.5kg)

Aviko Shoe String Chips (4x2.5kg)

Aviko 14mm Chips (4x2.5kg)

Aviko 18mm Chips (4x2.5kg)

Aviko Hash Browns (4x2.5kg)

Aviko Hash Rounds (4x2.5kg)

Aviko Croquettes (4x2.5kg)

Aviko Saute Potatos (4x2.5kg)

Aviko Noisettes (4x2.5kg)

Aviko Spicy Wedges (4x2.5kg)

Aviko Diced Herb Potato (4x2.5kg)

Aviko Gratin Potato (4x2.5kg)

Aviko Sweet Potato Fries (5x2.5kg)

Aviko Onion Rings (6x1kg)

Aviko Natural Onion Rings (6x1kg)

McCain Spiral Fries (4x2.5kg)




Peas (4x2.5kg)

Sprouts (4x2.5kg)

Sliced Carrots (4x2.5kg)

Baby Carrots (4x2.5kg)

Whole Green Beans (4x2.5kg)

Sliced Green Beans (4x2.5kg)

Cauliflower (4x2.5kg)

Broccoli (4x2.5kg)

Broccoli Mix (4x2.5kg)

Sweet Corn (4x2.5kg)

Corn On The Cob (2x24)

Diced Mixed Peppers (2x2.5kg)

Chopped Spinach (2x2.5kg)